i find myself getting excited for this trip every couple weeks (or when i purchase something for it) and it begins my researching all over again.  this time around my mom started posting pictures from a website about iceland.  in one of them was this amazing picture of an ice cave.  i thought, DAMN!  i gotta see that for myself.  the internet wasn’t exactly helpful, there’s not a lot of info and the bits that are out there say that it’s too dangerous and not available for winter travelers.  then i got an email from someone on flickr saying that there is someone who ONLY goes during the winter.  i sent him a message requesting a reservation, ill be sure to let you know what happens with that. 

i got back onto couchsurfing today.  talk about a warm response!  people amaze me sometimes, im really excited to hang out with some locals when we get there.  my mom is in recovery so im sure she’ll be meeting some awesome people when she goes to meetings… getting the low down on what we should and shouldn’t do.  heck, i might even crash her meeting just so i can talk to people with her afterwards.  or i’ll just patiently lounge in one of the many pools in reykjavik and play with my underwater camera.  the possibilities are endless.  man, i am so excited for this trip.  planning it makes me want to go back again in the summer though.  not this year or next year but for sure in 2014.  i have this 2 month trip planned and i’d really like to make it happen.  we will see.  life is what happens when you’re making plans :)